Company Profile

SJ&G is a Pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing company registered in Pakistan by competent Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan. SJ&G is holding a valid DML # 000083. Our Drug Regulatory Authority inspects as per inspection schedules overall the factory Plant areas including Production, QA, QC, and Warehouse as per routine inspection as well as GMP inspection once in a year.


A. SJ&G is a growing pharmaceutical company manufacturing and marketing diversified range of pharmaceutical products catering to the health care needs of the patients. SJG continue to pursue its strategic intent of introducing new, affordable and qualitative pharmaceutical products for meeting the health care needs of the general population.

B. SJ&G being the oldest pharmaceutical company of the sub-continent, established in 1889, started building itself initially by importing food products, as well as importing pharmaceutical raw material and finished products.

C. SJ&G in the early 60’s focused in establishing itself in pharmaceutical specialties. Besides importing finished products from multinational pharmaceutical organizations, SJG decided to consolidate its presence in the pharmaceutical field by starting local manufacture in 1967, in its well-equipped manufacturing plant.

D. SJ&G at the present has diversified itself in pharmaceuticals by manufacturing & marketing products belonging to almost all important therapeutic classes along with the efforts to consolidate its own brands as well as to establish the products acquired through foreign collaborations.

E. SJ&G to secure its future growth objectives launched Father & Sons a consumer division equipped to market highly niche food products. The division is already in its second year of operation.


SJ&G believes in progressing ahead & achieving the set goals through dedication and better services to its customers.

By virtue of having a successful track of serving the medical profession with its pharmaceutical products and the initiative of providing food related products through its consumer division of Father & Sons, SJG has set a very clear mission to be amongst the successful national companies.

Strategic intent is to pursue in introducing potential pharmaceutical and food products through its corporate efforts as well as through business collaboration with foreign entities ultimately to serve the ailing people of Pakistan.


The company has more than 100 distributors who are located in the cities and smaller towns to ensure the availability of products. Most of our distributors are fully equipped with computerized distribution systems and are submitting their sales reports as and when required. The Company Head Office is located in the city of Karachi.


Comprises of team in the head office as well as teams operating in other countries engaged in ethical marketing including SRILANKA, PHILLIPINE, MAYNMAR, AFGHANISTAN.


SJ&G manufacturing facilities include a well-equipped plant to manufacture wide range of formulations such as Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Suspensions, Dry Suspensions, Dry Vials, Ampoules, Ointments, Lyophilized products & Veterinary Oral/Parenteral preparations.

All products are manufactured strictly under supervision of qualified pharmacists. To ensure that finished products are of the highest quality, the entire finished product range is stringently tested and released for market only after complete adherence to good manufacturing practices.

A state of the art, Lyophilizer has been enacted to produce a wide range of lyophilized products.