• S.J. & G. Fazul Ellahie (Pvt) Ltd is dedicated to enhance the image and performance of the company by manufacturing of pharmaceutical products of excellent quality, efficacy and appropriate safety through the implementation of QHSE standard.

  • The company shall manufacture products of high quality, which shall be safe/hazards free for human and veterinary consumption in safe environmental condition. This will be achieved by application of sound QHSE and adopting current Good Manufacturing Practices and complying all regulatory requirements.

  • We are committed to make sure those results of all the activities in our organization have minimum effect of environment also covering safety or risk of hazards during our process.

  • We are committed to play our role in reducing the environmental, climate change effects and other negative environmental factors.

  • The Goal of the company is to achieve high level of Customer Satisfaction and continual improvement at all the times.

  • We are committed to operate our company under the discipline and control of Quality, Health Safety & Environmental Management System confirming to the International Standard ISO 9001-2015,ISO 14001-2015 & OHSMS 45001:2018 planned and developed jointly with our other Management Functions.

  • Quality, Health Safety & Environmental Policies principles and objectives will be communicated and made available to all staff /employees at all time. Training will be the integral part of the strategy to achieve the objectives and to ensure everyone understanding how to do his job and doing it right first time every time.

  • We will constantly review and improve our services to ensure that the tasks are completed in the most cost effective and timely manner for the benefit of all our Customers.

  • We are bound and committed to fulfill all the legal and statutory requirements those are necessary to follow for our scope of work. Commitment to consultation and participation of workers.

  • To make sure the occupational safety of staff and environmental safety related to interested parties.

  • S.J. & G Fazul Ellahie (Pvt) Ltd is committed to the prevention of injury and ill-health of people who may be affected by its activities and to the continual improvement of occupational health and safety management and performance.

  • S.J. & G Fazul Ellahie (Pvt) Ltd is committed to protecting and preserving the environment by prevention of pollution to the environment and minimizing environmental impacts concerning our activities and products.