The Legacy of SJ&G.

Leaders Always Look Toward
The Future.

In the rich tapestry of SJ&G’s history, one resounding theme echoes through the decades: leaders always look toward the future. From its inception in 1889, SJ&G embarked on a journey guided by visionary leadership, eager to embrace evolving landscapes and industry advancements. The 1960s marked a significant shift in focus, propelling SJ&G into the realm of pharmaceutical specialties. In 1967, the company took a bold step by venturing into local manufacturing, a move that exemplified forward-thinking and self-sufficiency. Through the early 1970s and beyond, SJ&G continued to intensify its commitment to innovation and growth, cementing its place as a stalwart in the pharmaceutical domain. This ethos of forward-facing leadership remains ingrained in the company’s DNA, propelling it into a future of endless possibilities.

1889 - The Beginning of SJ&G:

SJ&G is established, initiating its journey in the business world. Initially focused on importing food products and pharmaceutical raw materials.

1960s - Shifting Focus to Pharmaceutical Specialties:

SJ&G redirects its focus to establish a strong presence in pharmaceutical specialties during this decade.

1967 - Entry into Local Manufacturing:

SJ&G takes a significant strategic step by venturing into local manufacturing, inaugurating a well-equipped manufacturing plant. This move enhances the company's capabilities and allows for local production of pharmaceutical products.

Early 1970s - Intensified Local Manufacturing Efforts:

SJ&G intensifies its efforts in local manufacturing, showcasing a commitment to self-sufficiency and a robust presence in the pharmaceutical industry.

Ongoing - Continued Growth and Evolution:

SJ&G continues to evolve and expand, solidifying its position as one of the oldest and most prominent pharmaceutical companies in the sub-continent. Engaging in research and development, production, marketing, and distribution of pharmaceutical products.